Fatshion: Fall Layers


Happy Friday, friends! I’m spending the day with my nephew and his mom at Knott’s Merry Farm today but I wanted to pop in and share a recent outfit I wore and managed to take photos of. I work from home a lot and so even though I get dressed, sometimes it’s kind of boring. When I do manage to put on something cute, I sometimes forget to take photos or remember when it’s too late/the lighting is bad. I’m a bad fatshion blogger sometimes I guess! ;) I do have a bunch of outfits to share with you in the upcoming days & weeks though so maybe I’m not as bad as I think!


I absolutely love that Fall means layering. And I mean really, living in Southern California means there’s not a huge difference between Fall and Winter here but I also can’t remember not wearing tights, leggings, or pants recently – no more bare or solely knee-socked legs for me!


I love this photo for a lot of reasons but the main one is that you can really see all the scars on my knees. Those knees are the inspiration for the title of this blog, friends. It’s all kind of meta, right?


I wore this outfit right before Thanksgiving to go run errands and then babysit my god-daughter and her little brother. I really love hanging out with those kids – she is five and he is two and they are so fun and cool. As much as I don’t want children for myself, the ones that I have in my life (including my nephew, these two, and my cousin’s awesome Leo daughter) are some of the coolest and best people I know. I love them so much! But yes, ok, on to outfit details!

Outfit Details:

Pink cat-eye glasses: c/o Firmoo
Army green jacket: Target (old – similar)
Beige dainty cardigan: H&M (old)
Purple floral dress: H&M (old)
Army green belt: thrifted
Beige knee highs: Target
Brown oxfords: Madden Girl
Skull ring: H&M
Cat ring: Forever 21

Thanks for reading as always, friends! ♥

Freedom to Be Spontaneous: Online Dating Edition

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #TheMoodStrikes #CollectiveBias


Hi friends! So full disclosure – I’m no stranger to online dating. I’ve probably met half of the partners I’ve dated online (although not always specifically from online dating sites). I like it for two reasons – I’m an introvert and so it takes off a bit of pressure from me to be “on” in person all the time and it also gives me the freedom to be spontaneous! I’m currently single and as I figure out which people will have the pleasure of spontaneously (and not so spontaneously) being in my pants (sorry, mom!), I’ve come across a LOT of shenanigans.


Like dudes pretending they are James Deen on their online dating profiles, only to change their photo to some nondescript random person when I ask if they are really him. If you don’t know who James Deen is, that link goes to a Wikipedia page about him but I wouldn’t google him if you’re at work. Just saying! Needless to say, this person didn’t pass the first “don’t be fake” test!


If you’re lucky to go on a date or two (or more like three) with me, then there’s always that chance that things will go extremely well. One of the cool things about personal lubricants is that they’re rad for all kinds of different sex, including non-hetero sex or marathon sex sessions. KY has this product called KY Liquibeads that you can insert every few days if you want to be sure that you’re ready when the mood strikes. I picked up a box at Walmart because I was curious and even though my sex life isn’t always hoppin,’ when it is, I don’t want to have to worry about any kind of uncomfortable friction – only the good kind for me please!

tinderjokesThat’s rare though – because I am normally being bombarded with silliness like this (or MUCH worse). Don’t get me wrong – I LOVE it when people I’m dating can make me laugh. It is thee best thing. But seeing this on your profile doesn’t tell me too much about you, other than you are either funny or good at googling jokes – both good qualities, not enough to get me to pay attention to you, unless your joke is like SUPER funny.


And don’t even get me started on profile photos. Ok, I LOVE Chunk from The Goonies and I love Falkor from The Neverending Story. But I kinda want to see what you look like instead. Especially if you take photos like the guy in the middle – because I probably want to stay away from your dramatic badly tattooed person. The person on the right has the right idea – let every one know that they are free of STIs via a handwritten note. Why not get right to the point, right? Maybe this is smart though – it IS on Tinder…


If you happen to find yourself totally won over by someone you met online, using KY Liquibeads is totally easy. Each box comes with six inserts and six applicators. All you need to do is put one of the inserts onto one of the applicator and insert it inside of you. You can use one every few days but don’t use more than one per 24 hour period. Oh and please consult a doctor before using if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You can insert it 30 minutes before sex to feel the effects, which is cool because even if you don’t need to use personal lubricants, sex with lube can be a totally different and new experience!

okcgrootAs for me, I think I’m going to settle for Groot. We have a decent match on OkCupid and I’m really into nature. ;)

Don’t forget, KY Liquibeads can add some extra fun to your sex life whether you’re single or dating someone/s! There’s no shame in needing or wanting a little more lubrication when you’re getting down. And because I love you, here’s a $1.00 off coupon from Coupons.com! Happy (safe & consensual) sexin’ babes!



Big Boy Connection Launch Party


Friends! So if you follow us on Instagram (which you should be!) or remember our Maricón Collective post, then you already know how much we love Rudy Bleu around these parts. One of the many reasons is Big Boy Vintage. Big Boy Vintage started in 2012 as a collection of vintage clothing for men or male-identified or dapper people of size, which obviously is pretty awesome and something we can get behind! They recently launched a brand new collection of shirts, some one of a kind that I’m so excited to share with you.


I recently attended the launch party for their new collection at Otherwild, a hybrid boutique store and graphic design studio in the Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles. First of all, the retail space is amazingly curated with zines, jewelry, vintage and indie designed clothing & accessories, home decor, and more. It was my first time checking out the space and I will definitely be back, if only for their collection of sunglasses alone!


But let me tell you about the new collection! All of the shirts in the new Big Boy Collection are made from vintage repurposed fabrics. Each one is also made in Los Angeles, so all of my SoCal babes, supporting them means buying local. And let me tell you, the designs are UH-mazing. If I see any of you sporting one of these rad shirts, I will be all over you. ;) Be forewarned! Really though, check out some of the new line below.



Total babes right? And amazing shirts. As with their vintage collection, all of these shirts come in size large and up – sorry smaller boys, these snazzy shirts are for the big babes in our lives. All of their vintage bottoms begin at a 38″ waist too. As someone who has been sized out of clothing at multiple points in my life, it’s rad that Big Boy Vintage is focusing on sizing options for bigger people. Body positivity all the super-stylin’ way!


Thank you, Rudy for inviting me! I had an amazing time! Everyone else, be sure to check out Big Boy Vintage and the new collection online. You won’t be disappointed. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Have you checked out the new collection yet? Which shirt is your favorite? ♥

Please Vote for Me & Help Me Win!

Vote for Jen

Friends! Please help! I’m entered into a blogger contest for Firmoo and I’m trying to win! I mean, obviously, right? Why else enter a contest? ;) BUT ANYWAY! All you have to do is click here and then hit the VOTE button under my photo, which I have graciously provided for your reference. ;)

I would love it if you could tweet out or share the link on your social media channels. I’m currently in 7th place and the top 6 win prizes. Help me make it happen?

Vote for JenYou can vote once every 24 hours until this Sunday, 12/14. There’s no registration required, just hit the vote button. I could use all the votes I can get. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

Here’s the link again: http://www.firmoo.com/index.php?main_page=vote&vote_no=FBA0128

P.S. Here’s the outfit post that features these Firmoo glasses if you want to read my review. ♥

Fatshion: Nerd Chic featuring Firmoo Eyewear

Disclosure: This post has press samples and affiliate links. All opinions are 100% my own.

Skinned Knees Fatshion featuring Firmoo

Hi friends! I hope you in the U.S. have all had a fantastic holiday weekend (and still remained reverent for the true history of Thanksgiving, the recent events in Ferguson, and the atrociousness of Black Friday). On a lighter note, I’m sharing with you one of my favorite recent outfits today and a special Cyber Monday deal courtesy of Firmoo. If you haven’t heard of them, you’re going to want to keep reading!

Skinned Knees Fatshion featuring Firmoo

So I’ve worn these Firmoo glasses for months and as your resident four-eyes, I can honestly say that they are my new favorites. I hardly ever wear any other pair lately. I originally got them to go with my magenta hair but I think they look super rad with the blonde too! What do you think?

Skinned Knees Fatshion featuring Firmoo

I have bought my eyeglasses online for years, mostly because I don’t have vision insurance and buying online lets me compare prices in more ways than just going to my optometrist’s office. You do need to see your eye doctor to buy prescription glasses online (unless you want non-prescription lenses?) but once you have it, your glasses world pretty much opens up. I have a few go-to places but I recently fell in LOVE with Firmoo.

I love the style options they have – they have a great mix of more vintage-inspired frames like cat-eye glasses or nerdy thick frames (and lots more) that I really gravitate towards when I’m looking for my next pair. I ended up choosing this pair and the ordering process was SO SIMPLE – you just input your prescription details and go through the check-out. Shipping took about a week and then I had my new glasses. Total love, friends. Aren’t they cool?

They have held up amazingly well too. I’ve had inexpensive glasses from other places chip paint or the lenses will scratch easily no matter how much care I take with them. I’m happy to report that I’ve had no issues with my Firmoo glasses. They are pretty great overall.


I’m also wearing this thrift find dream of a vintage plaid top. As soon as I saw it on the rack, I already felt defeated because I didn’t think it would fit. Let me just say that I am SO GLAD I tried it on because it fits like a dream! I love the colors, the slightly puffed sleeves, the peter pan collar, and the plaid. It’s my dream top. I paired it with this cute bow necklace I got from H&M a few years ago – it would be super easy to DIY too. Maybe I will make a tutorial for you friends? Please ignore the snagging on the ribbon – you can blame Isis for that. In the mornings to wake me up to feed her, she annoyingly gets onto my jewelry box and paws at my hanging necklaces, making a ton of noise. That snagging was the result of one of those mornings. She actually broke it but it was an easy fix. Darn cats! <3


I’m also pairing these rings with the outfit too. The sparkly one on the left is one I made for my etsy shop (they’ll be posted soon, I promise!), Magpies for Moons, and the one on the right I picked up on a SUPER deal at a swap meet in San Diego with Aria earlier in the summer. It’s vintage turquoise and real silver. I love it and wear it all the time!

Skinned Knees Fatshion featuring Firmoo

This is the full outfit. I’ve seriously been wearing a version of this all the time and I love it!

Outfit Details:

Mauve cat-eye glasses: c/o Firmoo
Black bow necklace: H&M
Black leggings: Target
Teal flats: thrifted
Rings: Magpies for Moons, swap meet
Bright vintage plaid top: thrifted

Skinned Knees Fatshion featuring Firmoo

If you’re interested in checking out Firmoo, they are having a Cyber Monday deal where all of their frames are 50% off if you use code BlackCyber. On top of that, they also have a program where your first pair is free! So essentially, you could get two new pairs of glasses for 75% off. Pretty great deal, right? Get on it!

What pair of glasses would you choose from Firmoo? Don’t wear glasses? Let me know which one you’d like to see me wearing next!

P.S. Please vote for me in Firmoo’s Blogger contest! I could win some glasses or multiple pairs of glasses which would be awesome because I am poor and blind! You can vote once per day until 12/14. Thanks, friends!