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I’m big on social justice and awareness! I dedicate a lot of space to eating disorder recovery, self-care, body positivity, and Latinx culture here on Skinned Knees. Why? Because I want to uplift both you and me! I identify as a mixed Chicana, queer femme, inbetweenie fat person, and a radical feminist. I care about intersectionality politics and uplifting and centering those of us at the bottom socially. When those at the bottom are free from oppression, the rest of us will be too. Until then, here’s to figuring out how to live our day to day lives and educate each other.

I’m a Leo and a super cat lady! I have three cats that are the loves of my lifeAshes, Isis, and Grayson. I also live with two fantastic pups, Chico and Big Boy. Animals of all kinds have always played a huge role in my life. My power animals are bees and orangutan. I have a deep connection to nature and the earth and this connection is how I express my spirituality. I love bodies of water – the Pacific Ocean is my everything. And the moon – well, let’s just say I do a ritual almost every full and new moon.

The biggest and hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with was my dad passing away. Almost everything I do today is to make him proud of me and to honor the good things he taught me and work with intention to change the harmful things I grew up with.

I’m a writer. I’ve been writing since I was a kid. I write zines, I write this blog, I contribute to SoCal Localeand I write lots of things that you probably will never see. I gotta keep some of it close to the heart after all! Speaking of zines, I was quoted on zines and print culture in Girls Make Media and had my poem, “Abyssal Plain” published in Repel Industries Love Zine.

I started Skinned Knees as an eating disorder recovery blog – to help keep me accountable in my recovery and to shift the narrative of how we talk about those with eating disorders to include people of color, people of different sizes, incomes, sexualities, genders, and more. As I moved more into my recovery from bulimia, I needed to shift focus here on the blog. I couldn’t sustain thinking and writing only about recovery anymore because my recovery grew to be inclusive of my entire life. Today, I have over five years of recovery to claim! Here’s to many more!

Skinned Knees focuses on feminism, body positivity, and culture.

You can find Fatshion posts where I post outfits of the day while wearing accessible, vintage, and usually second-hand clothing. I do this because I do not have a disposable income to spend in clothing but also because I believe strongly in finding ways to defeat capitalism and politicize fashion on “othered” bodies. I have been featured for my fashion in What I Wore Today: Fashion Remixed Online from Beijing to Berlin, the Spirit Issue of Reflekt Magazine, and Rachelle Abellar‘s book, The Little Book of Big Babes.

Some of your favorite posts are that time I wrote about Catfish, the MTV show, when I started the #NotYourFatFriend hashtag with personal stories of size discrimination in my relationships, and when I taught you how to make this rad Glow in the Dark Skeleton t-shirt.

Skinned Knees is a pr friendly blog – especially if it involves events or businesses local to Los Angeles, pet-friendly products, plus size fashion, or handmade/DIY products or materials. I’m not interested in working with businesses or companies that are racist, classist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic, ableist, sizeist, or oppressive in any other way. I really love featuring my friends’ work on the blog too – so if we’re friends, talk to me. I want to uplift your work!

Want to know more about the blog name? Check out “Why Skinned Knees?”

If you want to know more or just to chat, send me an email! jen@skinnedknees.net


Official Bio

Jen grew up as a Mexican-American queer feminist in Los Angeles. She is passionate about sociopolitical issues, especially coupled with the fashion industry. Jen believes strongly in body-positivity and previously made a living selling vintage clothing for fat women and men. The store was an experiment in creative reuse and providing a resource for plus size women interested in fashion, both present and past. Aside from fat fashion, Jen is also an advocate for queer and mental health rights and awareness. While she’s been writing and creating since she was a child, Jen took her first forays into publishing with zines, or independently published magazines, in her late teens. Her most well-known zine series, She’s Not a Morning Person, was distributed by independent distributions all over the United States, as well as in Canada and Europe. Additionally, Jen was educated in English from California State University, Los Angeles as an adult. While attending the University, Jen also edited the student submissions for university anthologies and magazines. If Jen’s not writing or knitting, she’s cooking up a vegetarian dinner, baking some yummy sweets, or watching a horror or documentary film. She currently resides in Los Angeles, CA with her three gorgeous cats.

Jen is the editor and lifestyle blogger at Skinned Knees. You can email her at jen@skinnedknees.net



Aria Maxmillian Aria Maxmillan is a first generation Azorean American. She moved around a lot growing up, pouring herself into art and expression from a young age to adapt to her ever changing environments. She’s a multi-skilled artist with backgrounds in fine arts and digital art. She is also an author. She recently completed a poetry zine called The Shy in the Day is the Devil in the Night. She studies the occult and obsesses over things like astrology and alchemical iconography in her spare time.

Aria is an occasional guest poster at Skinned Knees. You can reach her at aria@skinnedknees.net or check out her website at Occvlt.com