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Celebrating Day of the Dead in My American Home

This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #LoveAmericanHome #CollectiveBias Hi friends! I am sharing something really special with you today – a look at my altar. I keep this up all year but I always bring ofrendas to my papa and my grandparents every Dia de los Muertos. I slowly incorporate things that remind me of them and things I know they loved – whether it be photos, food, playing music, or incorporating fragrances that bring up happy memories of our time together. My Day of the Dead ritual is so important to  ...

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Alchemy of the Mind: Cognitive Distortions

The process of mental health is a lifelong one. I align it with the concept of Alchemy. It requires the continuous study of myself. Part of this work is reevaluating what I have come to identify as myself versus what is unhealthy conditioning that I’ve engrained to survive. By doing so I can “burn away” what is not needed and transmute the energy used for more positive aspects of my life. That exploration is daunting and can be overwhelming especially when undertaken alone. Realizing that a behavior isn’t working for you and not immediately being able to define it’s source is usually  ...

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The Infinite Alchemist

Part of my ongoing process of mental health and self-care is writing. I have also been studying the occult and esoteric subject matter on and off for years. It seems to find me when I need it most. My understanding of how spiritual alchemy ties into psychology and mental health inspired me to write a piece on how I view the healing of the psyche. The Infinite Alchemist To find the truth in your world is to first find it in yourself. Look in the darkest places of your heart and mind. Find the wall of your limitation and know that it is comprised primarily of trauma, projection, and  ...

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The Magick of my Altar

I keep an altar in my room setup on top of my dresser. I’ve wanted one since I was young possibly because I grew up in a strictly Portuguese catholic home so ritual was a ingrained part my upbringing. I was always interested in other types of spirituality and explored it whenever I had a chance. This eventually evolved into my interest in altars. I would get bottles from the dollar store and fill them with oil, water, and food coloring and take scraps from my mom’s sewing room to assemble a table cloth on a corner table near my bed. This terrified her and she would order me to  ...