Dry Cat Food for Picky Eaters

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Skinned Knees GOODLIFE 5 Ways to Care for Your Cat

The first time I met Isis, I had driven an hour from my apartment in Los Angeles because of a Craigslist ad with a super cute photo of a black kitty. When I got to her former owner’s apartment, she weaved around her last mama’s legs and meowed hello at me. Her owner told me that she only ate dry cat food but at the time, that seemed like a minor detail. I watched, amazed, as she walked onto the balcony of the apartment without threatening to escape or traumatize the pet bird chilling in its cage. She was slinking around and meowing non-stop. I fell in love with her right then.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky EatersShe also hasn’t stopped talking since then. If you go in to pet her, you get a meow – sometimes friendly, sometimes “stay away from me” depending on her neurotic kitty mood. Most of the time, if you so much as look at her, you get a meow. Her meows range from extremely loud and long-winded meeeerrowww to nature-defying half-purr/half-meows to “oh hai I just woke up” raspy meows.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky EatersOne of the first things she told me was that she was a picky eater. Ok, so she didn’t speak to me or even meow to me but she definitely expressed the sentiment through her actions. Unlike my two Russian Blues, Ashes & Grayson, Isis will not eat everything in sight. She also doesn’t wolf down her food like someone is waiting to snatch it away at every moment. In fact, she will often eat a bit, go do cat things, come back to eat a bit more, and so on.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky Eaters

She also has the bad habit of flat-out refusing food if it is not prepared exactly to her liking. For example, if she doesn’t get her dry food for breakfast, she will not eat. Or if I don’t sprinkle dry food on her wet food for dinner, forget it. And to up her own ante, if her dry food is not to her liking, then all eating is off – which obviously, I can’t have.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky Eaters

As luck would have it, I recently learned about GOODLIFE™ brand cat food and figured we should try it. Aria & I took a trip over to Walmart to buy a bag – they had three flavors available – salmon, chicken, and indoor. I got the indoor formula. We normally use Purina ONE Indoor formula or IAMS Indoor formula for our cats and while both of those contain no artificial ingredients, GOODLIFE™ cat food also contains no soy, wheat, or corn and contains fruit/veggies. Also, the GOODLIFE™ cat food has real chicken or salmon as the #1 ingredient.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky Eaters

I gave Isis a bit to try as a snack and she loved it. She did her usual eat a bit and then come back to eat a bit more routine but she would do that with any cat food. I’ve been gradually switching out our old food with this new food (Ashes & Grayson love it too) and they seem to tolerate it well. I feel better knowing that not only am I giving my cats a healthier option with GOODLIFE™ cat food than I was before, but also that even my pickiest eater, Isis, really loves the taste.

Skinned Knees GOODLIFE Dry Cat Food for Picky Eaters

If you’re interested in trying GOODLIFE™ dry cat food, they are currently offering a $1 off coupon on their website. If you try #GoodlifePet with your furry ball of love, I would love to hear what you think.

Are there any other tips you know of for picky eater felines? Feel free to share in the comments! ♥

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