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I know I normally post Fancy That on Saturdays but it’s been a busy week! I originally started posting these because I really love seeing regular “themed” posts on blogs and I really love finding new art or inspiring pictures. I’m also not a big fan of shopping wishlists because I feel like it supports a certain level of commercialism that I’m not comfortable with so posting a “themed” post about art just feels right. With that said, enjoy this week’s Fancy That!

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Skinned Knees Fancy That Forest Window BookshelfThis is my dream. I was just talking with my friend the other day who lives on a nature reserve in Ohio. While I don’t particularly want to live in Ohio, I would give just about anything to look outside my window and see this. Nature heals my heart. ♥
Skinned Knees Fancy That Katy Monster Katy WelteOh, the arm fat, forever an area of hate on women’s bodies. I still struggle with arm fat hatred sometimes but it flares up less and less nowadays. With Southern California already heating up, you can bet I will be sleeveless and fearless this summer for sure! And this awesome print from Katy Welte is a great reminder to do so.
Skinned Knees Fancy That Typewriter Tyree CallahanAs a zinester and writer, I will always have a soft spot for typewriters in my heart. This particular typewriter by Tyree Callahan types out art – how freakin’ cool is that? I love the color coded keys and the idea that there are infinitely many creations to come out of it, just like a regular typewriter, only in a completely different way.
Skinned Knees Fancy That Sea Creature Squid
I cannot express how much I love this! Sea creatures own my heart and the colors are so pretty and fresh. I just love it. I am pretty sure that it is not even close to reality in terms of color but I don’t care. It’s stunning anyway.
Skinned Knees Fancy That Martha Rich Stop Talking Cat IllustrationThis illustration by Martha Rich speaks to me on so many levels. First of all, I love cats. Secondly, as an introvert who regularly attracts over-talkative people, sometimes I really just wish I could say this. And lastly, sometimes when my little gray ball of love, Ashes, is snuggling with me, I’ll start talking and she’ll put her paw on me as if she’s telling me to shut up. And I usually listen. 😉

Don’t forget you can click on any of the images to go to its tumblr page. And don’t forget to follow me on tumblr for more awesome art!

And last but not least, thank you to all who entered my sugar skull earrings giveaway with Ilaments! Congratulations to Maria from sammymakessix! Please check your inbox. 🙂

Skinned Knees Ilaments Giveaway Winner

Thank you again to all who entered! ♥

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