Fatshion: Black Floral Midi Dress

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Fatshion: Black Floral Midi Dress

Hi friends! Happy full moon in Scorpio. What are you releasing? I am trying to release some of my depression, listlessness, and non-motivation. I want to shed that and become a more motivated and spiritually active person. As I get older (I’ll be 35 in a few months!), I am becoming more at peace with myself, who I am and who I want to be. I’m learning to not beat myself up so much and am trying to learn how to embrace my achievements. That’s a tough one for me but I’m working with my therapist on it. I want to be able to celebrate me like I celebrate so many of you. ♥ So that’s what this full moon has got me ruminating on.

Fatshion: Black Floral Midi Dress

I had kind of a weird day today. I slept in really late and missed class because of it. I feel bad and guilty and like I failed but like I said, I’m learning not to be so hard on myself. I do need to do better though and I accept that. I am in school because I love what I’m learning and I want to achieve my goal of working in nature. If I want to reach that goal, I have to go through school. Even though my classes are hard this semester, I know I can get through them. It’s just school. 😉 Right?

Fatshion: Black Floral Midi Dress

I love this dress. I’ve recently been embracing longer silhouettes. Sometimes finding maxi or midi length skirts or dresses is difficult for my 5’4″ frame but I was lucky to find this dress at a thrift store. I love the big collar and the floral print. I love the length too. I think it’s a maternity dress but it fits me well and will be nice and cool for summer. Being fat means I can try on the maternity wear and sometimes have it fit better than straight-sized or plus-sized clothing would. Plus I love finding thrift store clothing that fits well and is accessible to me. It’s a win-win!

I also saw these sunglasses on Margot Meanie‘s instagram so I immediately ordered a pair for me and Aria. I knew she would love them too so yay for best friend presents! She has a few pairs of round sunglasses but this was my first pair. I’m into how they look and I love the moon and star detail on them. I love anything celestial. The cool thing about this outfit is that Aria and I have the same cuff too! We bought them at the same time at a vendor sale randomly. This is a total best friend accessory look and I love it!

Fatshion: Black Floral Midi Dress

Outfit details:

Moon & star round sunglasses: Amazon
Black floral midi dress: thrifted, vintage
Rings: H&M, Magpies for Moons
Moon & stars cuff: vendor sale
Cognac huarache sandals: Target

How are you celebrating the full moon in Scorpio? Are you doing any rituals or cleansing? I want to hear about it in the comments!

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