Glow in the Dark Skeleton T-Shirt DIY with Tulip Fabric Paints!

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Disclosure: I am excitedly partnering up with Tulip for today’s awesome DIY project! All opinions are my own.


Oh my gosh, friends! I had SO MUCH FUN making this awesome glow-in-the-dark skeleton shirt! I used Tulip Glow in the Dark fabric paints and they worked amazingly. I used to have this super cute skeleton shirt when I was younger and I’ve missed it ever since I donated it. When I heard about Tulip’s Glow in the Dark and Black Light Fabric Paints, I knew I just had to create my own version. It was super easy too! Check out the tutorial below to learn how to make your own.


Tulip Glow-in-the-Dark and Black Light Fabric Paints help make your Halloween projects stand out by day and by night! You can use them to decorate costumes, treat bags, foam pumpkins, glass, metal, and wood items. The Tulip Fabric Paints are nontoxic and formulated for lasting adhesion to fabric, so your designs stay dimensional and won’t crack or peel, wash after wash. Plus, Tulip Glow and Blacklight products glow very brightly under blacklight! Perfect for Halloween blacklight parties!


I received all the fun glow in the dark and black light fabric paints in the photo above this one but I ended up only using the “Natural” color for this project. I already have so many more project ideas to incorporate some of the other colors! Also, check out this linky to see how other bloggers are using these fun fabric paints. But for now, let’s get to the tutorial!

Glow-in-the-Dark Skeleton T-shirt DIY



Tulip Glow in the Dark Fabric Paint in Natural
black t-shirt
ribcage stencil (I used this one and printed it out twice)
spray adhesive
paint brushes
newspaper or cardboard
Tulip Fabric Paint in White (optional)


  • Cover your work surface in newspaper
  • Iron your t-shirt
  • Place cardboard or newspaper inside of your shirt to prevent bleeding onto the back
  • Cut out your stencil



1. Line up your stencil on your t-shirt. It might helpful to use a ruler here or you can eyeball it. When it’s in your desired position, use tape (I used washi tape but painters tape or even scotch tape will work fine) to mark guides.

2. Remove your stencils and turn them over to their back sides. Follow the directions on your spray adhesive for a temporary bond – this is important so that a) you can remove your stencil afterwards and b) you don’t leave any residue. Apply the spray adhesive to the back of your stencils. Mine instructed me to wait 5 minutes before affixing them to a surface. Once they are slightly tacky, place them back on the t-shirt right side up using the guides to align them properly.


3. Once your stencil is in place, softly press down the edges of each opening on your stencil to help ensure that the paint doesn’t leak outside of the boundaries. Now you’re ready to paint! I used an approximate 60/40 mix of the glow-in-the-dark paint and the white fabric paints to brush on the first two coats. The white paint is optional but I felt that it gave the shirt a higher contrast against the black. I brushed on a final coat of just glow in the dark using a sponge brush.

4. Allow your t-shirt to dry for at least 4 hours. I let mine dry overnight. Slowly and carefully remove your stencil. If some pieces of paper stick to the edges of the fabric paint, use tweezers to peel them off.


5. To get it to glow, use a black light to charge the paint for at least 1 minute. Don’t have a black light? You can use an incandescent light but it will take longer to charge the glow. Marvel at your awesome new t-shirt!


  • The white paint is optional. You can use just the glow in the dark paint. You could also use other glow in the dark or black light colors or make a rainbow ribcage!
  • I chose to brush my paint on because I wanted a more weathered vintage-y feel. You can also squeeze the paint directly from the bottle for more dimension and a more even texture.


It’s Halloween forever in my heart so you know I will be wearing this rad t-shirt year-long! Here I’m pairing it with a thrifted kelly green vintage pencil skirt and some thrifted black wedges. What would you pair yours with?

If you’re interested in finding out more about Tulip Fabric Paints, you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest!

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