Hairy Femme Mother


Hairy Femme Mother Call for Submissions

What to Send: Send your stories of being a hairy queer femme – I’m taking stories, poems, essays, artwork, photos, collages, whatever you come up with. The only thing I’m asking is that you identify as a hairy queer femme and your submission reflects that. Priority will be given to hairy femmes of color and hairy trans, genderfluid, or gender non-conforming femmes of color – this includes black femmes.

Where to Send: Send your submissions to Please include a short 1-3 sentence bio and a website or social media link/s. If you are sending artwork, photography, or a collage, please send in .jpg or .png format. The zine will be printed half size (so each page will be a half sheet of paper) and in black and white. Please keep that in mind when sending in artwork or photography. High contrast images will work best and bonus points if you convert it to black and white (grayscale) before sending to me.

Submissions are due by May 14, 2016. Sorry – no exceptions!

All contributors will receive a copy of the zine and the option to purchase more at cost. I will also offer the zine on a sliding scale for those that can pay more and for free for those that are femmes of color or low-income femmes. The zine may also be distributed by distros around the world, sold at zine events that I attend, and sold on my etsy site.


Hairy Femme Mother – Issue One

I wrote Hairy Femme Mother because I am a hairy femme. I wrote it to help make space and claim my complicated history with body hair while being a light-skinned femme Chicana. There are some stories about growing up hairy, about being shamed for my body hair by white cis men as an adult, and how I have learned to love all the many hairs on my body, whether I choose to remove them or keep them. I also talk about body hair as a political statement, feminist resistance & the dangers that can present for femme presenting people of different genders.

I sell Hairy Femme Mother on my Etsy site for a sliding scale fee. If you can pay more, please contact me and let me know. If you can’t afford it, please contact me and let me know that too. You can also find Hairy Femme Mother at the following distros: Brown Recluse Zine Distro and Sweet Candy Distro. You can also purchase it online and in person in Los Angeles at The Pop Hop and in person at Venus Envy in Halifax, Nova Scotia.