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Riverside DIY Print Fest 2013 Jen Venegas

My first time reading my zines at last year’s IE Zine Quest

Ok, so it’s REALLY hard for me to promote myself but aside from blogging, one of my biggest passions is making zines. I’ve made zines since I was 18 and have found an amazing community of people making awesome zines both locally and far away. I’ve talked about how much the community means to me before but I cannot tell you how much it has helped me grow and given me a creative outlet to talk about stuff that I would not otherwise talk about. And see, now I’m talking about other people being awesome. But this is about me, right?

She's Not a Morning Person Zine

I never really posted about this because I never really posted about my previous job, but I lost it in January. I have honestly been so much happier and freer, mentally and emotionally. It’s not really a surprise that I was able to devote so much positive energy to blogging but I also made two zines in the last eight months too. This one I made right before that – it’s a zine about my cats (before I got Grayson – I need to make a little mini zine update!) and its one of my favorites that I’ve ever made. I put a lot of myself in each one of my zines but you know how much my babies mean to me.

She's Not a Morning Person Zine

This issue is also really important to me. I wrote a LOT of poetry last year – probably more than I’ve written in the combined years earlier. This zine is a testament to that. I never thought I’d put out a poetry zine but I really like how it turned out. Also, my partner, James did the covers based on two of the poems inside. The cover is based on one of my favorite poems I’ve ever written about a girl that I love so very much. He captured it perfectly.

She's Not a Morning Person Zine

This is my latest issue. I finished it just in time to debut it at the LA Zine Fest in February. It was SUPER personal for me to write because I talk about my shopping addiction and how it has affected my life. To say it’s raw, is an understatement. I was talking about it to my dearest friend, Brodie, about the situation and really, because of him and his encouragement to share my story, this zine exists.

She's Not a Morning Person Zine

I have four other issues in print, including issue 9 that I’ve talked about on the blog before. I just recently added them all to my Etsy shop where you can buy them individually or get the entire set above. I would love it if you wanted to support my work. I could use the money, but it’s also giving you access to a different side of me that you may not experience here on the blog.

Riverside DIY Print Fest

I’ll also be reading and selling zines this weekend at the Riverside DIY Print Fest. I talked about last year’s fest and its impact on me. I cannot wait for Caturday – I get to see some of my favorite people and share in the zine love. If you’re in the area or really love me, you should totally come out! If you can’t, consider buying my zines to help me pay for gas to get there. 😉

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